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ярмарок вакансій Попрад 24.11.2022

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У співпраці зі Словацьким бюро зайнятості, Colldeeds, Trust Women і I Can School, цього разу ми організовуємо COLLDEEDS JobFair у Попраді...
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- Роботодавці зі сфери ОХОРОНИ ЗДОРОВ'Я, ПРОМИСЛОВОСТІ, ТУРИЗМУ... представлять свої компанії та пропозиції роботи
- Управління праці Словацької Республіки зареєструє вас і надасть консультації при пошуку роботи
- Під час воркшопу з HR-фахівцями ви зможете на місці відредагувати своє резюме
- Ви спробуєте урок словацької мови та як підготуватися до співбесіди разом із I CAN SCHOOL

COLLDEEDs jobfair 3rd June 2022

COLLDEEDs jobfair for non-Slovak speaking professionals in Slovakia

jobfair for non-Slovak speaking professionals - 3.6.2022 in Bory Mall, Bratislava

SPECIAL FIRST EDITION FOR UKRAINIANS - to support them to find approppriate positions in the light of their employment experience and education but only only for them.. 
SPECIALIZED JOBFAIR for EMPLOYEES: expats relocated to Slovakia who cannot speak Slovak people from EU and third countries looking for job opportunities in Slovakia Slovaks who would love to work in companies with international teams
EMPLOYERS: companies with international teams hiring new colleagues
BUSINESS OWNERS looking for business opportunities in Slovakia

3rd June 2022

For ukrainian and english speaking professionals

Presentations in Slovak / Ukrainian and ENGlish translation
10:00 - 19:00

10:00 am    Introduction
         Lucia Litvová; COLLDEEDs founder


10:05 am     Legal aspects of employing Foreigners in Slovakia
       What do I need to know if I  would like to find a job in Slovakia
                          Alexandra Tyshkevych - Senior Manager at AlKur, s.r.o.

10:35 am     Slovaks and Foreigners work together
       What should I know about differences between cultures in the work place.
          Eva Gáboríková;  Cross-cultural consultant and career coach


11:00 am      Employment of Ukrainian health professionals in Slovakia
       Situation on the Slovak "Health job market"
          Alona Kurotová; Founder of International association of physicians in Slovakia

11:00  am - 12:00  pm Slovak language for adults from Ukraine - demo class                                                      KUBU restaurant   - 1st floor Bory Mall - Ľubka Fedorová;                                               prestigious Golden Amos sympathetic award winner for                                              the most popular teacher in Slovakia

11:30  am      Case study: Employment of Ukrainian nurses in Slovakia in new modern Slovak hospital Bory
                          Marián Neradný; CEO in Mediado

12:00 pm        Lunch break


1:00   pm      Panel discussion - Opportunities and obstacles to employment of foreigners  
                             Mário Lelovský; 1st Vicepresident of National union of Employers;
Alona Kurotová; Founder of International association of physicians in Slovakia
            Ing. Peter Varga;  Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family
Jana Šramčíková; Associate partner of HR agency Edgar Baker

2:00  pm     Employment of Foreign Nationals   
         Ing. Peter Varga;  Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family              

2:00  pm  - 3:00   pm   How to teach Slovak language kids from Ukraine - demo class                                                      BUPPI kids  center - 1st floor Bory Mall - Ľubka Fedorová;                                               prestigious Golden Amos sympathetic award winner for                                              the  most popular teacher in Slovakia


2:20  pm     Health Insurance for foreigners
       Lempochnerová Kristína; Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s.

2:40  pm   How we support foreigners in our city - our help to refugees and programs of support 
        Matej Šútovec; The main coordinator of the Assistance Center for People Aid from Ukraine on Bottova - Bratislava municipality

3: 00 pm       Adaptation and acculturation processes in Slovakia - Slovak language for kids and adults
        Ľubka Fedorová;  prestigious Golden Amos sympathetic award winner for the most popular teacher in Slovakia
        Martina Uličná; author of books, iCan Bratislava

3:30  pm       Break


3:50  pm       Business environment in Slovakia
       Ema MartincováSBA - Slovak business Agency

4:20  pm       How to start a enterprenuership in Slovakia
       Alexandra Tyshkevych - Senior Manager at AlKur, s.r.o.

4:40  pm       Accounting easy for everybody - Profit 365
       Peter Hennel; partner at TAX OFFICE Hennel & Králik, s.r.o.


5:00  pm        Panel discussion - Inclusion and diversity in the workplace, benefits and challenges for corporate culture
          Eva Gáboríková;  Cross-cultural consultant and career coach
Elena Gallová Kriglerová; director of CVEK - NGO
Zuzana Zamborská;   BE-ID human

6:00  pm 
      Future of the workRado Mizera

6:20   pm       KAMI PROFIT - work for us
       Alena Čorbová; HR Manager KAMI PROFIT




Alona Kurotová

Alona Kurotová is the founder and director of the consulting company AlKur (formerly SlovakiaInvest).
Comes from the Crimea town of Bachčisarai and graduated from the prestigious St. Petersburg State University. She moved to Slovakia in 2007 after graduating. She knows from personal experience all the problems and challenges one faces after arriving in a foreign country without contacts, background and language skills. She also went through the whole complex bureaucratic process that every foreigner who wants to live and work in Slovakia has to go through. Maybe that's why the company Alkur (SlovakiaInvest) was born at that time, which offered its consulting services with the concept of "Everything under one roof" to Russian and English-speaking foreigners who planned to do business or work in Slovakia. The iCan school in Bratislava was a logical next step in expanding the activities of the group of companies, as learning the Slovak language and overcoming the language barrier in any country is a key factor for success. In addition to the Slovak language in which it specializes, the school offers studies in English, Russian, German and Spanish for adults and children. In addition to classic "business" activities, Alona Kurotová decided to be socially involved in her new homeland and help solve the problems we face in Slovakia. The shortage of doctors on the one hand and the bureaucratic barriers preventing the arrival of those from abroad were the main reasons for the establishment of the International Association of Doctors and Medical Professionals in Slovakia, which was founded in 2019 and still actively works there as a board member. Today, the association focuses mainly on humanitarian aid to Ukraine as the main coordinator. Another area of ​​her interest is the education of young people and children. In addition to the language school, she also founded the Alona Kurotová Foundation, whose main goal is to help talented young people who lack financial sources for a quality education in the form of scholarship programs.

Eva Gáboríková

Eva Gáboríková is an intercultural consultant, trainer and coach who supports companies in Slovakia, Europe, Asia and USA to be successful and competitive across cultures.

 She delivers consulting sessions and workshops for leaders and employees with the key focus on preventing cross-cultural conflicts, understanding cross-cultural differences and building effective cooperation in multicultural teams. Her consulting guidance provides a lot of practical advice how to negotiate and tailor solutions to culturally specific needs of customers. 

Based on her 15 year international experience she cooperates with companies to create powerful strategies to boost diversity, inclusive communication and build the environment of trust and creativity. 

In the year 2016 and 2018 she was awarded Great Award in New York in competition with trainers, coaches and consultants from USA, Europe and Asia. Eva is often a guest speaker at commercial chambers and an author of practical guides how to face challenges of cross-cultural differences and misunderstandings.

Eva provides guidance and practical solutions to project teams, sales representatives, multicultural teams and top management. Among her clients belong:

Jaguar Cars Ltd., Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Covestro, Honeywell, Heineken International, Steelcase, Merck&Co., Bayer, Mars Incorporated, Johnson Controls, GlaxoSmithKline, CRH, Vodafone, British American Tobacco, General Motors, Avon, Unilever, Bosch, Unilever, Continental Automotive Systems, Reed, Tesco, Sanofi and many others.


Radoslav Mizera

Radoslav Mizera, a sustainability enthusiast, in constant search of knowledge, walking through the rhythm of life…

My life has been about sustainability for the past 20 years, and perhaps even before that. Basically, I have dedicated my studies and work to this topic, as my biggest passion is to witness the transition of human culture towards being nature sensitive and anticipative.

Now I am happy for being an entrepreneur for the 8th year as Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer at Solved – The Cleantech Company. Before that, I worked over 8 years as a Global Industry Analyst at Finpro Vienna (Finnish Trade and Investment Promotion Organization, now Business Finland) specializing in cleantech markets. Besides consulting done for the Finnish cleantech SMEs, I was also an active member of the Cleantech Finland team from its very beginning in 2008 – bringing it to the world of social / digital media and cocreating the digital tool Solved.

From the industry point of view, I actively deal with questions & topics such as eco+design, future of work, digital transition, green digital solutions, sustainable energy and mobility systems, liveable cities, etc. Besides my home – Slovakia – I have lived in the USA, China, Austria and my “second home” – Finland. I was also an university lector, bachelor thesis supervisor and I liked it!

When studying in Vienna, I attended the coolest courses in the area of environmental / ecological economics, climate change or innovations / regional development & competitiveness, which can drive the sustainability transformation.

Eva Vaľovská

After studying media communications, Eva spent more than eight years at Fleming, an events company organizing conferences and training programs around the world. She started as a junior marketer, before later leading several successful corporate projects in Dubai and working as a global marketing director and board member.

After Fleming, Eva went on maternity leave and at the same time founded the new startup, Event Advisor, to bring more transparency into the business events industry.

Having grown used to being the only woman in the room at meetings and startup competitions, in 2018 Eva also co-founded Trust Women—a business community of young professionals and working mothers in the innovation ecosystem with the aim of supporting cooperation and trust among women. Eva is also the creator of the campaign in 2020  “S deťmi tu a teraz”, which addressed the topic of parenting in the digital era and focused on the quality time we spend with our kids.

Eva is a passionate believer in the power of face-to-face gatherings and networking, nowadays supporting all women and men fleeting Ukraine. With the events merging Ukrainian and Slovak communities, Trust Women also helps in the field of employment and education.

Marián Neradný

Marián began his professional career after studying at the University of Economics in banking and finance.
Working in one of the largest investment funds, he was involved in creating the capital market in Slovakia.
After politicizing the sector, he decided to leave and start his own consulting business, including marketing and trade projects.
In 2017, he co-founded Mediado as a professional employment agency operating in the Ukrainian labour market.
The company provides its services to large multinational companies and local entities.
After Blackoute caused by COVID, the company refocused on the healthcare sector and today is one of the largest suppliers of medical staff in Slovakia.
For Marian, business is not about profit only.
He is driven by the aspiration to make the world a better place, to solve the problems that plague our country.
Therefore, he has become an active member of the International Association of Doctors and Medical Professionals in Slovakia since 2020. The company strives for changes in attitudes towards foreign medical staff and their opportunities to work in Slovakia and thus help our healthcare system.
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he has been a volunteer member of the MALnS team providing humanitarian aid in medicines and medical supplies for Ukraine.
About Ukraine.
He has always liked the determination of the Ukrainians to live a better life and do something about it.

Ľubka Fedorová

Since I was born and began to perceive the world, I knew  I would become a teacher. I have spent a beautiful childhood with loving parents and interesting sports moments with his brother, a successful hockey goalie.

After graduating from university - Faculty of Arts, University of Prešov - I started working at the M. R. Štefánik Grammar School in Košice and I still work there. I teach Slovak and literature, I am the head of the subject committee of Slovak language and history, coordinator of the Student School Board, all-Slovak section leader grammar schools in the education union. I love my job, I take it as mission, hobby and I can't imagine my life without it. I recently discovered the charm of online teaching of the Slovak language to children of Slovak origin living all over the world in the language school iCan, where I am very satisfied.
In my free time I like to travel, ski, dance, go to the theater
and I deal with students in various extracurricular activities. I teach them to become nice people. We regularly donate blood and organize charitable collections. I myself hold the golden Johns plaque for 40 blood donations. I try to live and work the way I could be an example and I will always be pleased when students tell me that I am their inspiration. I work actively in the part of the city where I live - I am Member of the Commission for Culture, Education and Sport. I like challenges.

In 2021 I won a prestigious Golden Amos sympathetic award. To this poll about the most popular teacher in Slovakia I was nominated by my students and I really appreciate it.
In 2021, I also received the Honorary Award of the Chairman of the Košice Self-Government region for innovative and creative guidance of the young generation to aesthetics
and cultural values.

Alexandra Tyshkevych

Alexandra moved to Slovakia in 2016.
Graduated with honors from Kherson State University and Pan-European University in Bratislava. She started her professional career in marketing, namely Influence and Social Media Marketing. In 2019, Alexandra's main area of employment was working with foreigners. At Alkur Company (formerly SlovakiaInvest), she dealt with the immigration of foreigners to Slovakia.
Since 2020, she has become a co-founder of the Smaart Company, which offers comprehensive accounting services. As Alexandra says: “Finding a good accountant is quite difficult, I personally encountered this problem and eventually started doing bookkeeping for myself and friends, now it has grown into a whole business”.
Since 2021, Smaart has partnered with AlKur to provide accounting support to clients.
Alexandra's main value is quality and customer focus. And the main mission is to bring the service sector in Slovakia to the highest possible level.

Zuzana Zamborská

Zuzana has helped companies get going abroad for the past six years, operating in more than 10 foreign markets. Based on this experience she realized how the topics of inclusion & diversity are relevant to companies. Zuzana is a great strategist in marketing, sales, HR as well as back-office.

"I want to bring the topic of diversity to countries where the topic is not. In doing so, use the strengths of individuals so that people do not lose their potential. In fact, when an individual uses his or her potential in a team, this fills the potential of the company itself. The challenges we face today are global and we also need global solutions. It's not enough to look at local optics. Find and build understanding among people. This will prevent problems and conflicts. Whether in the country itself or between countries."

Zuzka's strengths are: Individualization, Arranger, Responsibility.

Martina Uličná

Studied Slovak language and literature - Russian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts in Prešov of the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice, and completed her doctoral studies in Slavic studies - Slavic languages ​​at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prešov. She worked as a teacher of Slovak language and culture abroad and in Slovakia. She is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Romance and Slavic Languages, Faculty of Applied Languages, University of Economics in Bratislava.
In her pedagogical and scientific research practice, she specializes in the didactics of the Russian and Slovak languages ​​for foreigners. He focuses her professional interest and scientific research on Slovak as a foreign language and Slovak-Russian language contacts and their use in teaching Slovak and Russian as a foreign language.
She is a co - author of Slovak textbooks for foreigners Tri, dva, jeden - Slovak. Level A1, A2.1 (2015) and Tri, dva, jeden - Slovak. Level A2 (2017). She most recently collaborated on the creation of a Slovak textbook for children of foreigners Aha, slovenčina !, which will be published in the first half of 2022.

Kristína Lempochnerová

Client Advisor - Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa

Oleksandr Plotnitskiy

Place of residence: Cherkasy region, Uman. After war starts: Bratislava, Slovakia.
Experience more than 13 years in grains:
Regional representative purchasing department
Setting tasks and monitoring the implementation of plans for the purchase and shipment of agricultural products, control and approval of purchase prices, control of accounting documentation and unloaded products, quality control and quantity of products. Knowledge Incoterms 2000, Incoterms 2010, Incoterms 2020.
Holding meetings, traveling to the regions to meet with new customers and managers of large agricultural holdings. Collection of information on agricultural enterprises of Ukraine: sown areas in terms of crops, number and condition of crops.
Preparation of analytical information, forecasts of harvest and grain quality within the plan of preparation for the next marketing year.
Control over the conclusion and control of the implementation of procurement contracts (FCA, CPT, EXW) and forward contracts.
Meetings with elevator managers and reliability checks for the purpose of concluding storage agreements with grain-receiving enterprises.
Conducting partner correspondence, negotiations.

Ema Martincová

Ema Martincová is working in Slovak Business Agency at Front Office as first contact with clients, which are coming to our Agency when they are starting their own business and need advice on how to start. We also have clients that are already in business but they want to move further and either expand, or transform. Ema has been in SBA only for 6 months, but even after this short time she has been great help. Ema is
studying Economy at the Masaryk University.

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