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Originally I started as real estate agency which specialized in helping foreigners looking for their new home in Bratislava, Slovakia. During my work with my clients, I found out while relocating and living in Bratislava, they need to answer many questions, to find many usefull information, so I made this web site which I hope will be good source for you to navigate you where to find reliable official information. Gradually I have started to help foreigners in more different ways and spread my services in other segments gratefully to my dear partners who are best in their fields.  

Lucia Litvová

Welcome to our lovely country - Slovakia

Officially the Slovak Republic  central European country, bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the southwest, and the Czech republic to the northwest. Slovakia is smaller country cca 49,000 square kilometres (19,000 sq mi) and is mostly mountainous. The population is over 5.4 million and consists mostly of ethnic Slovaks. Interesting fact is that In the second quarter of 2020 the total increase in the population of Slovakia was 2,210 persons which was halfly made by you, foreigners coming to Slovakia. 

Slovakia is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, as well as a member of the Schengen Area, NATO, the United Nations, the OECD, the WTO, CERN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, and the Visegrád Group.  

Slovakia adopted the euro on 1 January 2009.

Important information for war refugees from Ukraine

Important links:

Official government web site with FAQ:  (official website of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic)
a non-governmental initiative - Online platform which collects offer of accomodation for Ukrainians, material and psychological help etc 

Individually offered help with transit, accomodation in the FB group:

Charity - Človek v Ohrození - Do you need help with accomodation, trasport? Fill this form

Emergency contacts in Slovakia

COLLDEEDs services for expats in Slovakia...

COLLDEEDs services

With our partners we provide full range of services for foreigners who are living or just planning to come to Slovakia

Wide range of activities
  • Accomodation and Proof of accomodation for foreign police
  • Visa process administration
  • Legal and accounting help
  • Studium in Slovakia
  • Job opportunities in Slovakia and organisation of COLLDEEDs Job Fair
  • Help with moving, pet transfer, internet providers, cell phone services... 

Legal help

Before your arrival to Slovakia, there are few very important things to know about - most of all your legal status, requirements to get visa etc.. Here are some important institutions which can help you find out all the information you need - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Police and IOM Immigration Information Center for people coming from outside the EU.

First thing to know:
Do you need Visa to enter Slovakia?

Ministry of Foreign and European Affiars of Slovak Republic

Consular information, visa information, Travel checklist etc.. 

Foreign Police

The Alien Police and Passport Service in Bratislava. Please check your requirements after arrival to Slovakia. 

IOM Migration Information Center

Free advice and services for foreigners from outside the EU

Are you looking for legal help in other fields not covered by Immigration office or Foreign police?
slovak statistics

Economical and Social situation in Slovakia

Some basic information about situation in Slovakia

GDP, Inflation rate, Labour market, Average income according to the business fields, Unemployment rate, Average price range for living, Religion etc... 

Studium in Slovakia

Please check information to study programmes offered in Slovak languagePlease check also SAIA web page (SAIA, n. o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation implementing programmes and providing services aimed at enhancement of civil society, and assisting in internationalisation of education and research in Slovakia since 1990) for many usefull information about study programms


Covid situation in Slovakia

Check current situation and rules applied due to the pandemic situation. Please go to official government site for most relevant and actual information: 

Healthcare in general

Please check basic information for healthcare in Slovakia. 

Health insurance

Do you need help with registration at Health insurance company? 

Transport in Bratislava and suburb area

Public Transport

Public transport in Bratislava consists of tram lines, trolleybus lines and bus lines. No there is no subway :), only the one which is selling burgers..Please check your lines, schedule, maps etc.. 


It is highly recommended to order the taxi by phone or app because it is way more cheaper like to stop one on the street.

Specially when you are arriving first time to Slovakia and you are not sure about prices of taxi services you can be charged much more money when taxi driver figure out you are new to town and foreigner specially. I recommend to download app as best way to avoid any misunderstanding and high bill.
Taxi services are very cheap in Bratislava when you know the way :)

Parking in Bratislava

Parking can be challenging, especially in some localities in Bratislava like city center, but also wider city center. There is new parking police in the town, so better check each locality specifically. Parking information for tourists you can find here: 
For long term stay you can click for more information below. But check if you have right for residential parking. As most of you are only tenants and do not have permanent residency in Slovakia.

National and International Transport from / to Bratislava

Bus Transport

In Bratislava there is modern new bus station
with national and interstate connections, check following link for schedules

Train Transport

There are 2 train stations with international connections and interstate as well. Bratislava - Hlavná stanica - main station and Petržalka stanica. Chcek following link for schedules:

Flight Transport

There are airports in Bratislava and Košice, but not with many international flights. Mostly are used airports in Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and Warszaw and Krakow in Poland for international flights and good access to Slovakia. Vienna is closest to Bratislava, only 60km.  Bratislava:    Košice:

Cell phone and Internet service providers

Cell phone services

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Internet service provider

One of the largest internet service provider in Slovakia. 

Please contact me for connecting you to english speaking professional who help you comfortably with setting internet with Slovanet. 

Cable TV

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Where to buy?

From the basic grocery store brands, pharmacy, electronics, or the store where I quite often end with my clients to get the bedding for their new apartment :) 

Grocery stores

There are different brands of grocery stores in Slovakia, you can find little ones but be ready that they are more expensive, but convenient. 

Biggest are LIDL, Tesco and Kaufland (Kaufland has only few stores in Bratislava). 
Tesco is the only one which operates online as well and has British language mutation on the online shop :). Lidl has online shop only for nongrocery products. 

It is really worthy to mention also Delia - smaller cozy store concept, many times with coffee corner as well. They do really fast delivery. 


There are many even local pharmacies in Bratislava in all neighboroughs, you can find it by green cross. Here are some of the online stores.

Pet stores and Veterinarians

You brought your pet with you and need to find stores with pet food and veterinarians. Click here for more information.


In Slovakia we have drugstore only with toiletries, we do not have it combined with pharmacy. You can get some vitamins in drugstore but no prescription drugs. 

 101 Drogerie - biggest Slovak retail drugstore network with 226 stores in Slovakia

 teta drogerie - biggest Czech and Slovak retail network where you can get products usually for better prices

 DM Drogerie Markt - belong to the biggest
networks in Middle and Eastern Europe. 
Only DM has online store so click below if you would like to order online.


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Bedding, towels etc.. 

In many apartments after your arrival you will be missing bedding, sheets, pillows.. Not every landlord provides it as many tenants also prefer their own. Many times I went with my clients to stores to get some. Here is my recommendation for beggining. Visit closest Jysk store to you, you can get there everything for your good night sleep, towels etc. for convenient price and quickly. 

But if you are not in rush.. check some of the products here, specially Matějovský collection - Czech high quality product, I really love it :))

Byu products from slovak online stores for the best price

Compare the products, prices and choose best solution. See sellers recommendations, check availability etc.. Enjoy shopping of different products from reliable online stores, write down the product you are looking for below in Slovak (use google translator), heureka will help you get the best price

Services for your business

Professional services for your business

Eva Gáboríková

Cross-cultural consultant and career coach for more than 15 years supporting leaders, managers and multicultural teams in Europe, USA and Asia. Working with international companies, teams and different cultures, she inspires her clients to look for their new strategies to understand cross-cultural challenges and differences.


Translata is a professional translation agency which has been translating all manner of documents since 2005.  Trusted both by world-leading companies requiring complex translations and by individual clients who need just a few pages translated.

Sit velit

Smart Accounting - Fast and easy - download here

Services you may need


Do you need to translate documents by certified translator? Send me e-mail with your request

Pet national and international

Do you need to transfer your pet to / from
Slovakia? Send me e-mail with detailed information please - breed, places, dates.. etc for price offer

Moving company

Create your own website

Create your website easy without previous knowledge

Do you miss your home cuisine?

International restaurants in Bratislava

You can find many international restaurants in Bratislava, managed by foreigners with their passion and love for good food.

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